Superbowl Feature

We all remember the usage of twitter after the Bears Quarter back Jay Culter injured himself during the Bears final game of the season resulting in a disappointing lost to the Green Bay Packers. Fans, Players and people from all over the US question Cutler’s spirit, injury and personality in 140 characters or less via twitter. News outlets quoted twitter and the little tweet tweet of the blue bird showed its might in this Social Media world.
Now with the Superbowl coming closer, Twitter is erupting with mentions and discussions over the Big game. With the audience of its dreams all chatting away on the on twitter, the Superbowl has found its latest outlet. No longer are the comments and thought of fans everywhere restricted to the couches or bar stools. These comments can be plastered all over the world with a single tweet.
According to Twitter last year during the Superbowl over 40% of the tweets were Superbowl related. And of course in a time where there is no longer a need or frankly a desire to watch the ads on TV, even the Superbowl worthy ads many have come to anticipate and love. Not surprising that in a attempt to bring the commercial audience back, The advertising men and women are making twitter their new best friend.
Remember social media is still a commercial game.
Now it is more than the promoted trending topic on twitter to get fans talking about the game. Advertisers want them talking about the commercials as well. Budweiser, Audi Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz have already linked their Superbowl Campaigns to twitter.
One commercial is setting the pace for all others… After posting the Volkswagen’s Super Bowl commercial for the Chattanooga-made 20-12 Passat on YouTube, Wednesday well before its scheduled Superbowl release, the commercial became one of the top five subjects discussed worldwide on Twitter Thursday morning. At one point, the commercial ranked fourth on Twitter’s trending topics list causing many that wanted to join in on the discussion to look for the commercial. Imagine that… the consumer seeking out advertising.
This year the NFL has launched a separate section of their website solely dedicated to twitter… and of course it has a sponsor… Visa. But visa is not alone
Mercedes-Benz USA has launched a “race” to Dallas on Twitter where teams are leading competing social media campaigns in hopes of gaining the most support and
Coca-Cola has pledged to donate $1 to charity for every Coca-Cola related picture that users submit in what they are calling “Coke Cheers.”
It seems that this year everyone wants a part of the twitter pie and the Superbowl is just another way to get it.