Cleanin’ Out Me Closet (Just to fill it back up)

dogoodieOver shopping is one of the most deadliest sins in life, according to me. I mean think about it. How can we spend so much money on ourselves while others are out there without decent clothes on their backs? How can we justify walking into a boutique when others can’t even walk into a Walmart and get clothes?

So lets fix this…. Or kinda….

Okay, so I got a HUGE shopping urge Tuesday and boy when I say huge I was ready to spend my rent… (Sometimes you just need a pickurl-5 me up or 7) So rather and go blow all my money and be mad later. (Buyers remorse is real) I decided to clean out my own closet…. So that my friend, is step 1.

Step 1: Clean out your closet. If you havent worn it in over 12 months it needs to go bye bye. If you don’t just love an item in you closet (unless it is sentimental) it needs to go away. AND if it makes you look fat or fit your shape correctly (no matter how cute) TOSS IT!

Here is what I came up with:

Well what do you do once you have all these clothes just sitting there staring at you (not to mention dollars you spent on thoseclothes with eyes – duh clothes need eyes to stare) Anyway (because apparently today I digress worse than other times) But anyway… What do you do with those clothes? Trash? NO Give them to a relative that will latertrash them? NO How about donate them to a local Salvation Army or Women’s/Men’s Shelter? YES!!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.23.37 AM

Step Two: Donate to a good cause (Hence the good for others part in this Do Goodie of the Week)

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.19.54 AM

The Next question is so how do I cure my shopping craving? EASY!

You thrift.

Step Three: Head to your location thrift store like Salvation Army or such. BUT only buy items you can LOVE. You’d be amazed at what you’d find at thrift and second hand stores. While sometimes you have to dig, its worth it and also that can be part of the fun!


Shoes I thrifted 🙂 $5 (They were half off hehehe)

But there is more! There are more reasons you can feel good about thrifting and in this case there can be more good done than goodies for you! The money you spend goes to support the community in three ways: Pays for Jobs for those who work in the stores, Helps support the men in the rehabilitation centers & other caritable causes Salvation Army supports then the last third of the money you spend goes to the Salvation Army causes in the rest of the world (like creating clean water and promoting health etc)…

Now don’t you feel good???


Example of an outfit I thrifted all except the shoes and jacket.

Example of an outfit I thrifted all except the shoes and jacket.

Example 2 of thrifted outfit :)

Example 2 of thrifted outfit 🙂