M($)B in Bronzeville at H-Dogs Chicago

The money mob [M($)B] is a group of conscious business minded individuals who make a conscious effort to improve our local economy by supporting small independently owned businesses. Once a month we get together at a different business, support the business by spending $10 or more. During that time we may have vendors, a discussion about a economic topic or another business minded event. Before the actual mob we put together a video introducing the next location and the owner. For more info you can visit http://www.moneymob.org. The next M($)B is Feb 26th at 5pm at  H-Dogs Chicago in the Bronzeville Neighborhood! (My Hood) and it’s the day after my birthday! SO hey now! Come celebrate with me!

$ mob kick back-5th stop

Yassa African Restaurant


Last week the crew and I from Impresario Radio with to Yassa African Restaurant.

Yassa is run by a family from Senegal, a former French colony whose cuisine, apart from fresh-baked pain francaise, bears little resemblance to anything European. The restaurant has Exotic cuisine with Jamaican and Asian spices.

Yassa is grilled marinated chicken covered with a sauce of mustard, onion, carrot, and palm oil and served on a bed of rice.

The restaurant has nice decor and the food was pretty good! My favorite thing at the restaurant was its Ginger and Pineapple juice (gingembre is fresh ginger root, pounded and sugared in the kitchen)


It’s Menu has much variety such as Chicken, Lamb, Fish and more.  Just reading the menu gets your mouth to water a tad…

The portions were nice. I ordered the vermicelle, a thin pasta type dish with vegetables and seasoning. It was very good and filling even to just be a side dish. Chef Cliff got the lamb dish and from the quietness at the table… I’d say it was good…

Overall, we will be back

Yassa African Restaurant

716 E. 79th St.
Chicago, IL 60619

Ashley Aviyah’s Top 6 Restaurant Apps

Sorry puppies… I think smart phones are a man’s best friend. (I would apologize to diamonds but I think they are still winning) Since smart-phones are now “Man’s Best Friend”, and food is a close runner-up, what could be better than linking the two?

Although there may be something pleasurable about opening a stained yellow pages, smart-phones can make finding a new place to chow down a bit easier, and a bit better. Being a food lover I’ve downloaded a few food apps on my phone and researched plenty more… I’ve compiled my thoughts on the top 6 restaurant apps for smart-phones.

6. For the… relaxed individual… (Yes, I tried to think of a more clever way to say lazy) there is GrubHub. I will admit this made the list because it is my favorite. GrubHub shows you everyone who delivers to your address. It also shows places you can call-in the order. I focus on the delivery aspect however. GrubHub is free, which makes this ten times better. This app also tells you how much places charge for delivery (some are no cost). Also you can pay for your food online or with cash. This makes it great for if you want to send that special someone a pizza while you are away.. (food beats flowers in my book)

5. Zagat has been called the “king of restaurant reviews” for foodie cities like Chicago. This $9.99 app gives you restaurant reviews for an entire year. Even better, you don’t have to be online to access the app. Zagat also uses GPS Location to find restaurants close by, reservations and FourSquare. Zagat can be used on iPhone, iPod, Android, and Blackberry devices. This app gets a five on the list because it does not cover every city.

4. Do you ever see people shaking their phones? Well this is a fun feature apps like UrbanSpoon take good advantage of. Urban spoon takes the slot machinesque approach to finding good food. You can pick between price, location and food type… Lock in one or two or none and let the games begin! There is also a feature to check in, add pictures, track your friends via Facebook and map the location via Google Maps. UrbanSpoon is free and available on iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, iPad and Android.

3. OpenTable is designed to make it easier to make restaurant at over 15,000 restaurants. Not only can you view menus and ratings, but the app also lets you reserve tables in real time. Open Table is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Open table is (our favorite word) free.

2. Every vegetarian knows that eating out can be a very difficult task. VegOut makes this a bit easier by giving you a large international listing of vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants through your best friend(not the puppy). Listings can be found by your exact location or via address. VegOut is $2.99 and sadly only available on the iPhone.

1. FoodSpotting is for us visual thinkers. For that moment when you do not want to red a long review, but you actually want to see the what’s good. Users can take pictures of the food and write a mini review on the item. You can also find restaurants by pictures and location. It can help you pick not just where to eat, but what you want to eat also. This app is free and available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and is getting ready for Blackberry users as well. Users can also like or favorite photos, and trade “wants” and “noms” for dishes they want to try and or truly love. Foodspotting’s visual approach to trying new food is what makes this app number 1!


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