Yassa African Restaurant


Last week the crew and I from Impresario Radio with to Yassa African Restaurant.

Yassa is run by a family from Senegal, a former French colony whose cuisine, apart from fresh-baked pain francaise, bears little resemblance to anything European. The restaurant has Exotic cuisine with Jamaican and Asian spices.

Yassa is grilled marinated chicken covered with a sauce of mustard, onion, carrot, and palm oil and served on a bed of rice.

The restaurant has nice decor and the food was pretty good! My favorite thing at the restaurant was its Ginger and Pineapple juice (gingembre is fresh ginger root, pounded and sugared in the kitchen)


It’s Menu has much variety such as Chicken, Lamb, Fish and more.  Just reading the menu gets your mouth to water a tad…

The portions were nice. I ordered the vermicelle, a thin pasta type dish with vegetables and seasoning. It was very good and filling even to just be a side dish. Chef Cliff got the lamb dish and from the quietness at the table… I’d say it was good…

Overall, we will be back

Yassa African Restaurant

716 E. 79th St.
Chicago, IL 60619