Sport’s Illustrated Story on Phillips High School

Powerful story done by Sports Illustrated about Phillips High School near my house. So proud of the progress it has made and I’m proud to be volunteering there. The only neighborhood school to achieve a level one status (and so soon after a turnaround is remarkable). Check out the video and story<a

Lane Tech vs Phillips HS For the CPS Football Playoffs

UnknownWendell Phillips High School in the Bronzeville neighborhood is one worth bragging rights. In the last four years the school has risen from a level 3 to a level 1 school based on CPS ratings. It is the 2013 Recipient of the ‘Spotlight On Technology” Award. And it’s football team has a season record of 5-3 and 4-1 for conference, allowing the team to make it to the CPS play offs! Now all this is fine and dandy but it may not be enough for its first round rival, Lane Tech.

There are murmurs that the school does not want to come to the Bronzeville neighborhood siting safety as a concern.  Principal Horton of Phillips says there have been no issues at Mandrake Park

“We’ve had not one incident”

Let’s hope that this “concern” does not affect the game this Friday as I’m sure that would truly create issues in the mind and hearts of the players. Also it is important to remember if you send your child to a CPS school, you cannot pick and choose what areas they play sports. And IF all CPS schools were equal would a parent have to “worry”?  Sadly we still suffer from separate but not equal.

I’ll be at the game. Will you?