More Private Meetings means less Public Change

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Meets Privately with South Side Pastors… Why is everything in private? I feel that these private meetings lack the sense of accountability that we need for our political and religious leaders. And how was the group picked that he met with? Shouldn’t the general public have a voice in that?

One topic was increasing jobs for young people… How old was the youngest pastor in the room though?

I think this is the same ol same ol make you feel like change is coming type of action. How about you?

The mayor needs to meet with the next generation of Chicago activist who are fed up with the lack of change… If not alone then integrate them into these meetings or else change will not come. Many of these leaders have had 25+ years to make change and improvement happen and honestly overall our communities are back where we were 50 years ago. We are in a reverse, soon enough our children’s children will be back in slavery. Not the kind of the past but a new type of slavery if we keep depending on the same people to create fake feel good change.

Personally I’m skeptical about the entire group smiling after a meeting. (just kidding)

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