After The Zimmerman Verdict… Now What?

The jury in the George Zimmerman murder trial found Zimmerman not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman, who faced the possibility of life in prison, showed no reaction to the jury’s verdict. But there were reactions around the nation.

I found out about the verdict via Twitter… I thought it was a prank, a twitter joke (like the fake deaths of celebrities). I knew this could not be real. Then I saw the news articles… Headlines tattered with “Not Guilty”. My thought. Wow.

This case reminded me of Emmett TIll’s murder. Maybe this would be the tipping point to begin “Free in 13” as they chanted in the past “Free in 63”. In 1955, it took the murder and kidnapping of a young black teenager to stir the country out of its apathy. Emmett Till’s death, and the subsequent acquittal of his killers, hardened the resolve of individuals and organizations who’d been fighting for a more equal America for decades. Sound familiar?

Sunday… there were nationwide marches. In Chicago groups marched downtown “Justice For Trayvon” The next weekend WVON held a rally at the Federal Plaza #Chi4Trayvon. While many argued against marches and rallying. I as the question of why not? There is energy that needs to be released. There is anger that needs to be channelled. A good leader is able to channel the anger into something possible, the leader will help point to the next steps after marching not just send people home with the anger still inside. The question in everyone’s mind is now what?

There have been solutions thrown around to boycott Florida. But isn’t this a time to revitalize the civil rights battle which so many thought was dead? This is a time to tackle the problems at the core.. To answer the questions that really matter and solve the problems that create the violence and killing. To destroy the mindset that allows people like Zimmerman to think the way he does and the reason why he killed Trayvon Martin.

It is a time to: Get ready to march on Washinton, yes, but before we get there it is a time to come to a concrete plan of what we want when we get to Washington.

We need to educate ourselves vote in the “litte elections”.

Create programs to better our youth.

Change the way media portrays us.

Get rid of shows that depict us in a negative manner (reality shows such as Love and Hip Hop stop watching!)

It is a time to put differences aside and come together and unite for a group of goals as a community.