M($)B in Bronzeville at H-Dogs Chicago

The money mob [M($)B] is a group of conscious business minded individuals who make a conscious effort to improve our local economy by supporting small independently owned businesses. Once a month we get together at a different business, support the business by spending $10 or more. During that time we may have vendors, a discussion about a economic topic or another business minded event. Before the actual mob we put together a video introducing the next location and the owner. For more info you can visit http://www.moneymob.org. The next M($)B is Feb 26th at 5pm at  H-Dogs Chicago in the Bronzeville Neighborhood! (My Hood) and it’s the day after my birthday! SO hey now! Come celebrate with me!

$ mob kick back-5th stop

The “Money Mob” Works to Galvanize Local Support …

Hey look we were in the paper!

The Money Mob (MM), a trio of young professionals, has made it their business to alert the urban community about quality, independently-owned, African-American businesses in Chicago.
The MM, consisting of Ashley Barnes, Brandon Evans and Cassiopeia Sledge, see their efforts as a labor of love that will in time, benefit Chicago’s entire African-American business community.
Using Facebook, their website (moneymob.org), and word of mouth, the MM recently endorsed and promoted three businesses on the Southside of Chicago in the past three months via their Money Mob Kickback events and on YouTube.

At Kickback events, the MM provides for businesses, music, customer giveaways and a sociable atmosphere for shoppers. To ensure that Kickback events are successful, the MM also brings at least 20 potential customers to the establishment.
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Visit the M($)B online now!

I’m in the $MOB are you?

Thanks to Mikkey Halsted and Rico Nance for being helpful and taking time out of their busy schedules!

Ya’ll have heard me talk so much about buying local and buying independent! NOW ITS TIME TO JOIN THE MOB! The $Mob that is… Check us out! Visit http://www.cash-mob.org for more information!

One reason why: If half the employed population spent $25 each month in locally owned independent businesses, it would generate more than $21.3 billion in revenue. MORE TO BUSINESSES & SCHOOLS!

$ mob flyer back-1