New, Now… Next! August 19 2014

How would you feel if you had to use your real name on social media? Well China says you do. It passed a law mandating users of internet based communication services to use their real names. Users will be able to sign up for a service but won’t gain access until they go through a vetting process. Those already on sites will have limited access until they go through the same identification process.

Now trending on social media is still Ferguson, Mo. It has been over a week since Michael Brown was shot. However this is still the most talked about story on twitter and Facebook. New developments continue to happen and keep people talking. Yesterday, the autopsy results were release, Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr came to Missouri, and CNN’s interview with Jesse Williams on Michael Brown went viral.
Amazon is getting into the mobile payments game. Like the square or paypal’s swipe device, amazon has created Amazon Local Register. It is still in its infancy but it is a sign of things to come. Soon amazon will update the device to include loyalty program and inventory management. When it happens, remember you heard it first here!