Brown Broadcasters Beauty

As an African American Woman in the broadcasting field I often find myself struggling with the idea of beauty.  To be most specific, I struggle with my hair. I have done wigs, weaves, flats irons… the whole 9. I do Google searches at least weekly looking at other broadcaster’s hair.

Does she have a weave?  Is that a wig? How long should it be? Is it too poofy because of the humity (like mine)

The biggest question I wonder is: How healthy is her hair?

Easily I could perm my hair and flat iron it whenever I have to go on… But I do not want severely damaged hair…. But I do not want to look like I am wearing a wig on TV….

This is the new struggle I face and there are no other places that truly give answers to this dilemma… I’ve found articles about women who are “natural” on air but I’ve also seen the transition of one of my favorite anchors to team wig… (which is not a problem because I love wigs).  I have had soooo many styles while working in the field  and today (on a very humid day) I am struggling to not put heat to my hair for the next time I go on air…

Luckily for me at this point I am only on hair weekly but what happens when I go back to daily? Do I spend $400+ on another natural looking straight wig? Or do I save the money, straighten my own hair and deal with the damage?