Speaking Out Against Gun Violence: A Press Conference.

Mayor Emanuel looks at the people standing with him against gun violence who have lost loved ones in his city.

Mayor Emanuel looks at the people standing with him against gun violence who have lost loved ones in his city.

January 3rd I was on the first line of seeing some of chicago prominent figures discuss the need for gun control in the city. After the Homicide rate was already outpacing that of 2012 in the first week of 2013, something had to be said…. Even more something had to be done. While I have not known anyone in my personal circle that has lost a loved one due to the horrific tragedy lack of gun control has caused, I feel deeply hurt every time I hear if another shooting. And even more hurt when the mother of a victim fights back tears as she talks about her would be 25-year-old son… (the same age I will soon turn next month)… But I digress…

The press conference, January 3rd 2013, was held at Saint Sabina Church. During this time Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy announced their new plans for Chicago’s community policing program and also their desire for gun control…

“Gun Control not Guns taken away” says McCarthy

McCarthy believes that with stronger gun control people will not be able to legally buy guns in bulk and then illegally sell them to others where they are used in crimes then face no consequences if they say.. “oh the gun was stolen”. A brief clip of McCarthy speaking is in the Youtube Video following this post.

One point McCarthy, Emanuel, Reverend Jesse L. Jackson and Father Michael Pfleger all agreed upon was that assault weapons were not needed period.

“high-capacity magazines are not designed to hunt animals but to hunt humans”

Behind the four promenant figures stood the some families of the some 500+ victims in the city of Chicago killed due to gun violence in 2012. Many held pictures or momentos of their lost loved onces. This image and the though behind who each victim was, the family they left behind, their children.. and their “what-if” stories should be enough to touch anyone’s heart.

“Chicago is the scene of this international crisis. Now we have Guns in jobs out we need more from the police, we need home land security.” – Rev Jackson