Push at Cook County Jail

Inmates at Cook County during the Christmas service

Inmates at Cook County during the Christmas service

So I went to jail….. Yes I know some of you aren’t shocked as you’ve seen it coming. Well sorry to disappoint you but it was not for a crime. (Although being stripped of all personal belongings and walking through gates next to armed guards made me feel like I could be stuck there if they decided). I went to the cook county jail to experience Christmas. (Many of you know I do no celebrate this holiday but we will not get into the antipagan reasons as this moment) I will also have to say for the record:

It was not that bad, nor was I afraid,  I felt sad and I wanted to help everyone.. Save everyone

If I had to sum up my experience in one word it would be omgryst (oh my god r you serious tear). There were so many people locked away so many members of families with children locked away on a special holiday… No cards, phone calls to expensive to make, no family no presents no nothing. Hope in this atmosphere was dismal (if any).

Rainbow PUSH coalition and others all came to help raise spirits of the prisoners during this time, sing songs and speak good words to the members of this chained society.

I left there feeling a pain in my soul. While I was happy to leave others would never get that choice. I’m sure there were innocent people in that room. I’m sure some people were thrown away from society because they cannot afford bail and I’m sure most of those individuals will not be given the opportunity to be rehabilitated. It is a bone chilling thought.

The things that stuck with me most is the communications person for the jail telling me if anything were to happen (because I had my phone inside which they rarely allow) that I couldn’t tweet about it or anything. But also the prisoners kneeling to pray in public, I thought to myself would one of us do the same in a large group of our peers? Would you take to the floor and pray if not in church?

That’s my final thought… Too much pain in this post to event share how I feel. But how can we let people just rot away?