Ashley Updated Her Resume Reel!


Ashley Aviyah’s Resume Reel. Ashley is a morning show reporter for KTVO in Missouri.  I added a bit of personality in the end and ended it with one of my favorite editing experiements (the credits for another video while syncing the cuts to the song… I love editing!)

More Private Meetings means less Public Change

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Meets Privately with South Side Pastors… Why is everything in private? I feel that these private meetings lack the sense of accountability that we need for our political and religious leaders. And how was the group picked that he met with? Shouldn’t the general public have a voice in that?

One topic was increasing jobs for young people… How old was the youngest pastor in the room though?

I think this is the same ol same ol make you feel like change is coming type of action. How about you?

The mayor needs to meet with the next generation of Chicago activist who are fed up with the lack of change… If not alone then integrate them into these meetings or else change will not come. Many of these leaders have had 25+ years to make change and improvement happen and honestly overall our communities are back where we were 50 years ago. We are in a reverse, soon enough our children’s children will be back in slavery. Not the kind of the past but a new type of slavery if we keep depending on the same people to create fake feel good change.

Personally I’m skeptical about the entire group smiling after a meeting. (just kidding)

Read the article here

Is guilt destroying our community?

Today I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine who brought up the idea of parental guilt and wondered if it was actually harming the community. We talked about a few instances of parents who coddle their children (old and young) and why this happens. While each situation is different I’m sure… I cannot shake the feeling that guilt is probably behind much of it.

My reasoning:

When you feel guilty about a situation, you tend to try to make up for the guilt with action or items etc… But what if you have so much that you blame yourself for their actions so you constantly try to make up for their choices by letting them run all over you.. Doesn’t sound too far from a possibility right? But let me not run too far with this theory. First I’ll look into the idea of this parental guilt and then let’s see some of the possible long term effects on the community.


Every parent has felt guilt over something in their child’s life. I am not saying this is bad, not normal or unhealthy. We are parents, not perfect. Many of us have felt guilty over taking your child to school when they had the sniffles so you could work, dating while raising kids or that time that you turned your back and the little one had a bit of an accident. It happens, right?

Guilt often allows us to gauge our actions and helps us refrain from potentially destructive behaviors that could cause harm. However, guilt can also be misdirected and debilitating to our ability to function powerfully in life. It’s what you do with that guilt that makes it unhealthy. The result of unhealthy guilt can be to make us feel bad about our decisions and behaviors. This unhealthy guilt “haunts” us and negatively effects lives over and over.

Single Mother Guilt

I’ve heard many mothers mention the idea of “Single Mother Guilt”. Well, 67% of children in the African American community come from a single parent household (Kids Count Data Center), so that’s a lot of guilt.  Single mothers can feel guilty because they brought a child into the world that is out of the “ideal” type of situation. Often single mothers cannot stay at home with the child and that brings more guilt. Now keep piling on items that can cause guilt: not being able to afford items, children blaming you for negativity, lack of a father in the home, children having special need.. etc.. Some mothers (and parents in general) respond by being a “helicopter parent” aka coddling the kid.

Much of this guilt is from the way society views single mothers and the problems this causes for the child. Diane Eyer, in her book Motherguilt, succinctly summed this negative myth as:

Being a single mom is basically immoral and selfish, the reasoning goes, since it deprives children of an important paternal role model and source of income. Single mothers are seen as engenders of the underclass-the juvenile delinquents, drug addicts, and violent criminals who plague the country. (1996: 29)

Who wouldn’t feel guilty about that? The single parent myth has risen steadily since the 1950’s (and is constantly higher in the African American Community) with the decline of the white picket fence with its working father and stay at home mother. Read more about  Deconstructing Mother Guilt here

Coddling due to Guilt

One response to feeling guilt in parenting can be to continue to coddle your child even after infancy.

Coddlers step in to negotiate for their child instead of letting the child work out problems for himself. They intervene, regardless of the severity of the situation. Parents who coddle their child provide instant gratification for things the child wants as opposed to what he needs. (MetroFamily Magazine /November 2010)

Instant gratification… we have a generation full of people that think in the “Me me me… now now now” mindset. Could this be from being coddled?

Long term effects

So coddling can be bad right? But once the child is grown is it okay?

“Parents should provide guidance, but to constantly intervene prevents a child from learning. You put your child at risk when he doesn’t learn to communicate and interact with people.” (MetroFamily Magazine /November 2010)

As new research shows that members of Generation Y are entering the workforce with an inflated sense of their abilities, principals are warning ”helicopter parents” against putting too much pressure on children to be successful, which could discourage them from risking failure.

According to a study by University College London, risk-taking behavior peeks during adolescence. Teens are apt to take more risks than any other age group. Their brain programs them to do so. It’s part of growing up. They must test boundaries, values and find their identity during these years. This is when they must learn, via experience, the consequences of certain behaviors. Our failure to let them risk may explain why so many young adults, between the ages of 22 and 35 still live at home or haven’t started their careers, or had a serious relationship. Normal risk taking at fourteen or fifteen would have prepared them for such decisions and the risks of moving away from home, launching a career or getting married. – (Growing Leaders Blog)

Here are a list of problems coddling and parenting through guilt can create in an adult life:

Lack of independence, responsibility, knowledge, maturity, work ethic and more.

Community effects

Coddling Parents  do too much for their children who were become less resilient and unable to cope with failure. Failure is a part of life and every successful adult has failed and pushed past it. But if a formerly coddled child turned adult cannot core with failure how will they ever attain success?  Instead they turn back to their helicopter parent to take care of them and they resort to child like behavior of letting the parents take care of them and fight their battles. Where does guilt come in hand?

The guilt a parent feels for their child’s hardship and problems can cause the parent to place responsibility on themselves and in turn allow the child to behave this way.  Therefore you have a generation of grown children who do not take responsibility for their actions, living with their parents who are raising their grandchildren and creating a cycle of weakness and failure. Or a child that blames everyone else for their problems and expects the outside world (or spouse) to take care of them like their parents always have. Am I being too extreme? Maybe. But we all know it happens. So take risks, let the kids fall and fail. When they disobey a parent hold back the instinct to rescue just for a minute and let them feel a tad but of pain.

What say you? Do you think this is a true problem for the community? Does guilt have nothing to do with kids running over parents later in life? Or is it perfectly find to coddle?

Build it! Bronzeville… at Phillips.

This past week I was able to do some dot connecting. Build it! Bronzeville came out to speak with seniors at Wendell Phillips High school in Bronzeville and let the students try out a prototype of their new mobile app.

This gist of the game and the conversation was ” What would you like in your community?”

You would think that this conversation would be simple. Contrary to this, it was eye opening.  The opens were safety, business, or visual art building.

At first the seniors wanted things like McDonald’s or to rebuild the BaBa’s that burned down. They simply wanted to add convenience to their lives and continue.
Then there were idea such as:
1. Adding a safety building across the street from the school because to many students hang out across the street in a vacant lot abd trouble can happen there.
2. Putting up dance studio as there are no places for lessons
3. Building a hospital

There were also a few moments that created further conversation…
1. The idea of adding a chipotle to the neighborhood rather than the Babas was brought up. At first it wasn’t looked at as favorable until we began comparing the businesses. Most of the students hadn’t been to a Chipotle they just knew it was downtown and I’ve said it was probably expensive especially for just some lettuce. Then ) sheet agreeing a trip to chipotle in Hyde park may be in order) we discussed the importance of what you eat and how a restaurant without bullet proof glad would be nice for the community.
2. Then one of the students brought up the idea for a community center and the fact of a lack of activities for teenagers in their communities.

In this short period of time you could tell the conversation was increasing abs the students were beginning to think outside if the box if what could the community be and what is it missing.

In that moment I had never before wished that school could be longer or to spend another second in high school…

Of course we tabled the conversation but I cannot wait to start it again and see just what they are thinking!

I also can’t wait until the mobile app is

finished! It will be a great way to find out what the community needs abs where we spend our money outside of the community.

Aldermen Accepting pay raises while economy struggling?


Throughout Chicago’s financial decline, city officials have layered on more and more debt with no more solid plan for repayment than a vague hope that a resurgent economy will keep City Hall out of bankruptcy.,0,4492048.story#ixzz2mNgtjMjB

Throughout Chicago’s financial decline, city officials have layered on more and more debt with no more solid plan for repayment than a vague hope that a resurgent economy will keep City Hall out of bankruptcy.,0,4492048.story#ixzz2mNgtjMjB

Slight pay raise for aldermen in the recently passed budget… only ten say no to the pay raise… The aldermen who waived the slight pay bump for 2014 are Will Burns (4th), Marty Quinn (13th), Toni Foulkes (15th), Matthew O’Shea (19th), Deborah Mell (33rd), Nicholas Sposato (36th), Timothy Cullerton (38th), Mary O’Connor (41st), Michele Smith (43rd), and Ameya Pawar (47th).

According to the Red Eye: Since 2011, Burns, Quinn, O’Shea, Sposato, Cullerton, O’Connor, Smith and Pawar have stayed at the same salary of $108,086, which was the incoming salary for aldermen elected that year.

If your alderman is not on the list question their true values to the city… This is NOT the first time aldermen have gotten raises and n our struggling economy shouldn’t the money be left to the city for things like education??? I’m ashamed to say my alderman is not on the list.. This will affect what happens in the polls…. Of course this is not the only way my vote could be affected but this is the second time it has happened…

Wal-Mart in Bronzeville


I’ve heard people excited about the new Wal-Mart coming soon to Bronzeville on 47 Cottage (I’ve also heard about one being opened up on 39th and state). However, I fail to share their joy.  Yes, we need jobs in this community and a convenient place to shop. But, we need a livable wage and good food in our community not GMO fruit and meat and substandard treatment of those employed. Wal-Mart does not thrill me.
Does our community need another cash cow for developers? No, we need a nice mom and pop shop that cares about the community and can treat employees with the dignity and respect they deserve. If I’m working full time, I should not have to get on food stamps to sustain life, this is the case with many Wal-Mart employees. Bronzeville should just say no.

I’m in the $MOB are you?

Thanks to Mikkey Halsted and Rico Nance for being helpful and taking time out of their busy schedules!

Ya’ll have heard me talk so much about buying local and buying independent! NOW ITS TIME TO JOIN THE MOB! The $Mob that is… Check us out! Visit for more information!

One reason why: If half the employed population spent $25 each month in locally owned independent businesses, it would generate more than $21.3 billion in revenue. MORE TO BUSINESSES & SCHOOLS!

$ mob flyer back-1

Lane Tech vs Phillips HS For the CPS Football Playoffs

UnknownWendell Phillips High School in the Bronzeville neighborhood is one worth bragging rights. In the last four years the school has risen from a level 3 to a level 1 school based on CPS ratings. It is the 2013 Recipient of the ‘Spotlight On Technology” Award. And it’s football team has a season record of 5-3 and 4-1 for conference, allowing the team to make it to the CPS play offs! Now all this is fine and dandy but it may not be enough for its first round rival, Lane Tech.

There are murmurs that the school does not want to come to the Bronzeville neighborhood siting safety as a concern.  Principal Horton of Phillips says there have been no issues at Mandrake Park

“We’ve had not one incident”

Let’s hope that this “concern” does not affect the game this Friday as I’m sure that would truly create issues in the mind and hearts of the players. Also it is important to remember if you send your child to a CPS school, you cannot pick and choose what areas they play sports. And IF all CPS schools were equal would a parent have to “worry”?  Sadly we still suffer from separate but not equal.

I’ll be at the game. Will you?