Do Goodie of the Week

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.” – Abraham Lincoln


Well this isn’t about religion.. This is about doing good and feeling good… So why not do something good for yourself while doing something good for someone else?

My theory behind this is to make a conscience choice to do something good for yourself and for others in the everyday activities you do with just a little more effort than usual.

For example: Which is my first Do Goodie of the Week choose a new place to eat that is good for your body and good for your community… Do you know a place that gives its leftover food to charity, or a place that uses only recycled goods? Or do you need a new shirt? Well look for a new place that donates clothes to charity etc….

This way you treat yourself and you treat others while trying something new!…  Do a little good for someone else, get a little goodie for you… Makes you want to say: Goodie! 🙂

Need ideas? Don’t worry I’ll share my Do Goodies with you so you can join me to!!!

Happy Food in New York!


Welcome to New York, that’s what this place said to me! Well okay it really said hey you are hungry and the sign said natural… This place gets a thumbs up! Usually when I travel to a new town it takes me a while to find “that place”. I just step out of my hotel and walk, take the bus or catch a cab downtown.  This time in New York it was easy! I found yummy healthy  it just two or three blocks from my hotel.  And its name is Pret.

So what’s the big deal with Pret you may ask me?

made_today_gone_today“Pret creates handmade, natural food, avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market today.”

The food is also made and gone in the same day! They give all the leftovers to charity. How awesome?!?!


What I ate today!

I ordered the vegetarian sandwich  with a kale spread shredded carrots, lettuce, mozzarella cheese and more on a whole wheat french baguette roll; a bag of almonds (for later), honey tangerine juice (that was awesome), and sparkling Yoga Bunny Detox drink (grape juice with herb infusions), and a mint tea! Yes I had a fat moment but It was worth it! The food was lunch and dinner (with the help of ice) and I’ll eat the almonds for snack later… PERFECTION

After looking up its locations I found out it is in Chicago too! Yay me!

This also can start my Do Goodie of the Week! Learn more about that soon!