Hawks Or Magic vs Da Bulls

Our Question of the day revolves around who would be the better team to play the Bulls in the second round the Orlando Magic or Atlanta Hawks?
The Bulls have come out victorious over the Pacers in the first round of the N-B-A Playoffs, Now I’m sure they will be at home watching Thursday night’s game to see who they will take on in the second round but who would the better match up be?
The Magic went 52-30 in the regular season and were a very hit or miss type team but to be honest you still have to remember they have Dwight Howard… He could be a good match up for Derrick Rose and prevent him from getting to the rim. But in late January when the Bulls took on the Magic at the United Center the Bulls won. Point being the Magic but fear in the hearts teams for three reasons: Howard, magic three-point shots and the all mighty defense. But in the play offs the three point shots have fallen causing the great fear formula to be lacking.
The Hawks obviously aren’t scared. They lead the series three to two. But in the regular season, The Bulls beat the Hawks in two out of three games. Let me say the one lost was only by three points. The Hawks are heavy on isolation plays but the Bulls are good at exposing them.
I doubt the Bulls would have much trouble beating either team. But of the sake of a playoff worthy game, I’d say the Magic is the team Bulls fans want to see in next Monday.