Fix it!

There is a man who everyday is outside, rain or shine. He’s not on the corner or in the streets, he’s in his back yard. Since I moved into my coach house, he has been out almost there everyday. He is landscaping his own back yard and doing what seems to be insulation work. I like to watch through my front window however I do admit I feel a bit stalkery. But to see the dedication this man has to work everyday is amazing. This work is also not done grudgingly. There is a feel of peace and joy in his yard. He is happy doing this work. This speaks to me because people waste minutes, hours, days and even years doing nothing. However this man spends his time doing something you can tell he enjoys and it is benefiting his home. This says to me, get up and find your hobby that you love to do and rather than wasting your days, get off the couch and do something positive.

I see positive people


I’m tired of hearing about negative people. It’s sometimes not attainable to be like the exceptional people doing good in communities that news outlets focus. What about the everyday people doing little positive things? Don’t these people matter? The positivity they do can be like a butterfly flapping it’s wing can change the climate miles away. The small positive actions of everyday people can change the world. I’d like to focus on these people by just observing and learning.