Brown Broadcasters Beauty

As an African American Woman in the broadcasting field I often find myself struggling with the idea of beauty.  To be most specific, I struggle with my hair. I have done wigs, weaves, flats irons… the whole 9. I do Google searches at least weekly looking at other broadcaster’s hair.

Does she have a weave?  Is that a wig? How long should it be? Is it too poofy because of the humity (like mine)

The biggest question I wonder is: How healthy is her hair?

Easily I could perm my hair and flat iron it whenever I have to go on… But I do not want severely damaged hair…. But I do not want to look like I am wearing a wig on TV….

This is the new struggle I face and there are no other places that truly give answers to this dilemma… I’ve found articles about women who are “natural” on air but I’ve also seen the transition of one of my favorite anchors to team wig… (which is not a problem because I love wigs).  I have had soooo many styles while working in the field  and today (on a very humid day) I am struggling to not put heat to my hair for the next time I go on air…

Luckily for me at this point I am only on hair weekly but what happens when I go back to daily? Do I spend $400+ on another natural looking straight wig? Or do I save the money, straighten my own hair and deal with the damage?



Brain Transplant?

OMG I’ve had long discussions about this topic and it’s coming alive: Brain Transplants…. The question (different from the article) is who actually is a person that has a brain transplant, even partial? Are you still you, or the person whose brain you have… Our skills and memories live in our brain so if you got those parts of the brain, wouldn’t you be that person?

“New brain implants can restore autonomy to damaged minds, but can they settle the question of whether free will exists?”
Read the Article Here

What’s Buzzin’ – Redskin Name Change

The latest on the Washington Redskin name contraversy: Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) announced on Tuesday that she plans to introduce legislation that would revoke the NFL’s tax-exempt status unless the league’s owners put pressure on the Washington football team to change the team’s name.

According to The Washington Post, Cantwell was joined by Native American chiefs for the announcement, part of a larger campaign to get the Washington football team to change its name, which many consider offensive.

It’s important that people understand the origin of the name Redskins. As our country was being expanded westward and land forcefully taken, stolen, from Native Americans – and they resisted – bounty hunters were paid to bring in dead Indians. They brought the bodies in wagons. Soon this became so cumbersome that the bounty hunters were told to just bring in the Indian’s head. They brought in so many heads that this too became burdensome. So they were finally instructed to just scalp the Indians and bring in the “Redskins” and they would be paid their bounty.

Ashley’s Running for LSC


It’s almost time for CPS Local School Council Elections! April 8th during Report CArd Pick Up its time to vote! But voting is not just for parents it is for the school’s community also!
“I strongly encourage any parent or community member who is passionate about education and helping our students reach their fullest potential to run for their Local School Council,” said CPS CEO Byrd-Bennett. “Getting involved at the school level is great way to have a positive impact on your community and helps the District achieve its overall goal of ensuring 100 percent of our students are college-ready and 100 percent are college-bound.”

LSC representatives serve as an important link between a school’s administration, the community, CPS and students, and play a significant role in decision-making to boost student academic achievement.  Elected LSC representatives will serve a two-year term, beginning at the start of School Year 2014-2015 (SY14-15). Each LSC is made up of six parents, two community members (Ashley is Running as a Community Member), two teachers, one non-teacher staff member and the school’s principal. High School LSCs also have a student representative.

ashley vote card

Happy New Year! Ten New Laws in Illinois that came with 2014

New Illinois Laws In 2014: 10 Of The Land Of Lincoln’s Most Important Laws Taking Effect Jan. 1

1. Beginning Sunday, Illinois residents can apply online for a concealed carry permit on the Illinois State Police’s website.
2 .Medical marijuana technically arrived in Illinois on Jan. 1,
3. Drivers in Illinois will be required to use a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone if they wish to talk on the phone while driving
4. As of Jan. 1, the speed limit on rural Illinois highways has been increased from 65 to 70 mph. For now, the law leaves the majority of the Chicago area as a slow zone (boooooo)
5. Another new Illinois law going into effect means public school districts teaching sex education will now be required to teach about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases, rather than just abstinence.
6. Illinois residents younger than 18 will no longer be allowed to use indoor tanning facilities.
7. Beginning Jan. 1, any Illinois voter eligible to vote in a November general election will also be eligible to vote in the preceding primary, even if they are only 17 years old at the time of the primary
8. New pet owners in Illinois will be newly protected by a “lemon law” that allows owners to be refunded the cost of the pet or reimbursed for veterinary costs if a new pet has been purchased without disclosure of any serious illnesses.
9. Illinois lawmakers have also increased the maximum penalty for anyone caught using social media to organize a violent “flash mob” from three years to six years in prison, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.
10. Bad news, cigarette tossers: cigarette butts have now been specifically designated as litter and, under a newly strengthened penalty, anyone caught tossing one is risking a $1,500 fine.

The “Money Mob” Works to Galvanize Local Support …

Hey look we were in the paper!

The Money Mob (MM), a trio of young professionals, has made it their business to alert the urban community about quality, independently-owned, African-American businesses in Chicago.
The MM, consisting of Ashley Barnes, Brandon Evans and Cassiopeia Sledge, see their efforts as a labor of love that will in time, benefit Chicago’s entire African-American business community.
Using Facebook, their website (, and word of mouth, the MM recently endorsed and promoted three businesses on the Southside of Chicago in the past three months via their Money Mob Kickback events and on YouTube.

At Kickback events, the MM provides for businesses, music, customer giveaways and a sociable atmosphere for shoppers. To ensure that Kickback events are successful, the MM also brings at least 20 potential customers to the establishment.
Read More Here

Visit the M($)B online now!

Sport’s Illustrated Story on Phillips High School

Powerful story done by Sports Illustrated about Phillips High School near my house. So proud of the progress it has made and I’m proud to be volunteering there. The only neighborhood school to achieve a level one status (and so soon after a turnaround is remarkable). Check out the video and story<a

50th Commemoration of MLK’s Freedom Walk in Detroit

 Martiin Luther King III, Rev. Al Sharpton, Roslyn M. Brock and Rev. Jesse Jackson (2nd-R) march in the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Freedom Walk June 22, 2013

Martiin Luther King III, Rev. Al Sharpton, Roslyn M. Brock and Rev. Jesse Jackson (2nd-R) march in the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Freedom Walk June 22, 2013

On June 22, 2013, thousands were asked to “Take a Step” in the 50th anniversary march in honor of the original Walk to Freedom/Freedom Walk led in Detroit by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was able to be one of the thousands, with the Rainbow PUSH Youth League… [Yay Road trip!] Martin Luther King III, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton participated in Saturday’s march and rally.

SONY DSCIT was a day that was of great importance to experience the walk and also the rally after. One common theme was the road is not yet over. The fight is not yet won and all that Dr King fought wanted in this walk is not yet over.

Detroit is still in state of need of reconstruction. There is much progress needed.

“If you don’t take the march to Lansing, if you don’t take the march to D.C., if you don’t take the march to your own neighborhood – then marching don’t mean nothing,” said President of the Detroit branch of the NAACP, Reverend Wendell Anthony.

But Why Detroit?

On that day 50 years ago, in what is considered to be the original debut of his now-famous “I Have a Dream Speech,” King told tens of thousands of people that it was time for the government and society to get serious about providing opportunities and parity in employment, education, housing and the overall quality of life for persons of color.

It was great to be apart of something like this and to be able to discuss it with people my age after. It was also a learning experience to be able to organize this trip (of course with help) and to see that our generation can mobilize and is ready to lead.

Everyday is A Special Day

So while creating my calendar and looking for holidays to write down I noticed… Everyday is a holiday… Not in a think big mindset or anything like that.. but seriously everyday is a day for something… Like today (June 10) is Ice Tea day…. It’s like spirit day everyday has a theme… But spirit day is not a week anymore it is a year. GOOOOO team me!

Here are a few that I found to be of my liking for the month of June & July.


15 Smile Power Day SMILEEEEEE!!!!!!

978184953103018 International Panic Day (Yea I do this on a daily a good book for this day is Now Panic & Freak OUT)

June 18th is also National Splurge Day – Oh yeah!! (so maybe the splurge is linked to the panic…..  yea i sometimes panic after  I splurge..)

29 Hug Holiday Give a hug to someone who needs it! (On this day I will hug everyone at work instead of shaking hands…. maybe)

30 Meteor Day On this day I will watch Meteor Man…. lol


JULY is:

  • National Blueberry Month
  • National Anti-Boredom Month
  • Unlucky Month for weddings
  • National Cell Phone Courtesy Month
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • Week 2 Nude Recreation Week

I Forgot Day

I Forgot Day, by definition, today is not a day to remember. So, just what are you forgetting? Can you even remember? Is it important? Hopefully, not.

5 is Work-a-Holic Day. It recognizes the guy, or gal, who works all of the time… also known as me.

26th is  All or Nothing Day. How will your day go?… Maybe I can do nothing on this day

For the Full List visit Holiday Insights