Hood Rich or just Poor Taste?

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.42.29 PMSo it’s the name of a shoe… That makes it okay right? Well Jeffrey Campbell says yea its okay… Today Jeffrey Campbell posted a picture on their Instagram of a model wearing their “Hood Rich” Shoe. While it is the name of the shoe Instagram users are offended.

The picture and the name together… Is that just too much to say “Oh, it’s just the name of a shoe.”?

Earlier H&M had a similar issue with their “Ghetto Fabulous” line which they cancelled due to the level of backlash received… So Is this okay?

#NewRules Doing Social Business

Here is my presentation for tonight’s event at Rainbow PUSH Coalition for Social Media Week. I discuss the power of consumers in the new social media world and also new rules of social media for businesses!


Back from the dead… It’s MySpace

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Remember MySpace? Well babies of the 90’s I’m sure you won’t… But us 80’s babies remember it… and we remember its death. It was oldest story in the marketing big book of mistakes:  It took its eyes off the customer. In virtually (haha) every way, MySpace missed the mark.

Well, MySpace trying to make a come back? Selling its self as

“Visually amplified, sonically reborn, this is the new social sound system.”

MySpace seems like a thing of the past but can it return?

MySpace is mounting a relaunch of its brand with a whopping $20 million ad and PR run. A 30-second spot began airing this week on stations for the “young & fun” at heart: Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, Fuse, BET, Adult Swim and ESPN. Get this…. According to Advertising Age. The spot reportedly will also appear Thursday during Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Big Bucks huh? Will the cost be worth the price?
Today MySpace sent out this email Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 9.33.50 AM

Music… That is how MySpace has decided to rebrand itself… It remains to be seen whether the company can change the public perception of Myspace. As the company’s new co-owner Chris Vanderhook noted in an earlier interview with Mashable, “There’s no fancy marketing campaign that will change that overnight.”

Here is also the 90 second video

The revolution will not be Televised, it will be mobilized.

20130321-085259.jpgWhether because of their consumption of hip-hop, unfamiliar slang or their seemingly addiction to drama filled reality TV such as Basketball Wives, urban Black youth and young adults are often chastised and talked down to by the Baby Boomer generation.

Many in the Baby Boomer or “Civil Rights” generation say Black Youth and Young adults simply don’t care. However studies show Black Generation Y are on the cutting edge of new forms of participatory politics that may have the capacity to broaden their impact on traditional community practices…. social media.

In today’s technology-driven society, “anybody who is anybody” has a profile on one or more social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Twitter. Black youth are no exception and have been shown to be amongst the most frequent users of social networking sites and mobile internet.


Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project shows that young adults are more likely than others to use major social media sites. It also shows youth and young adults (especially blacks) are on Instagram and Twitter Primarily, Twitter being especially popular.

This research is supported by Edison Research which shows shows that for Black Americans, the social network of choice is Twitter, as 25% of Twitter users are African Americans (approximately double the U.S. population).


This raises a huge point that Twitter is Disproportionately Popular with African Americans.

In 2012, Black political scientist Cathy Cohen (University of Chicago) and Joseph Kahne of Mills College released “Participatory Politics: New Media and Youth Political Action” a report in which a team of researchers surveyed nearly 3,000 youth between the ages of 15-25 about social media and engagement in participatory politics.

The study results indicate that the widespread enthusiasm of today’s youth in online community activities presents an encouraging opportunity. The skills, networks, and interests they are developing, can be leveraged to build pathways to political engagement. “The Occupy movement, stopping SOPA, and the power of six million users of Change.org [which is the site where youth organized a petition to bring Obama to Chicago after Hadiya Pendleton’s death] are only three of many examples of how new media impact politics in America.”

No longer can the Civil Rights generation say youth don’t care, no longer can they say they don’t know where youth are and they aren’t participating… It is right here in black in white that black youth do care and they are right on the other end of a keyboard. What can be said is that traditional forms of communicating and operating in the ways many non profits have for years, is dead and will not reach the desired audience. It is time to take the battle out of the streets and to the twittersphere.

Why you may ask? Let’s use Twitter as an example. Twitter breaks news. Twitter is where youth are. Twitter is can be the definition of viral. Take World Star videos as an example. 50 thousand views… 50k views is what videos like the Bus Driver hitting the lady and “Ain’t nobody got time for that” receive, not to mention thousands of other videos that portray no positive image of African America. Imagine those 50k views on a positive idea or your message from your nonprofit? That could create change, and isn’t that the goal?

As a community of nonprofits we must stop complaining and get with the new way of operating and take out message to those who we most desire and get social.

App to Find Black Owned Businesses

Do you try to shop Black as much as possible? Do you hear others say oh that’s too hard or I don’t know where Black owned businesses are… Complain, Excuse…  Well give no more excuses! “There’s an app for that”

The app is important because it uses technology to combat social issues that can deter minority own businesses from thriving. And I’m sad to say I’m a little late on this app… Shocking I know.. But I have finally found it!

Around the Way App Logo Find Black Businesses Near YouAround the Way is an app for your iPhone or Android  that helps locate black owned businesses. Yay you! Around the Way App has a pretty intuitive interface, which mimics the iPhone maps app in a way. It very simple to use! Just pick up right away to help you locate black owned businesses using your phone.

When you open the App, there is a

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 9.55.56 AM

bottom scrollbar that allows you to look by category, view all, search and even your favorites list. The businesses are categorized in areas such as restaurants, shopping, auto, bakery etc…  You can even add a black business that you may have spotted. Let me just say… I am in LOVE!