Did the Clippers do Enough?

By now the sports and civil rights world has heard about the racism issue with Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling told his girlfriend that he doesn’t want her to bring black people to his games or post pictures with black people on Instagram, according to unverified audio obtained by TMZ.

The tape begins in the middle of an argument between Sterling and his girlfriend, V. Stiviano. Sterling appears to be upset that Stiviano, who is black and Mexican, has been posting photos to Instagram of herself with black people — in particular, with Magic Johnson.

“It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people,” he is heard saying. “Do you have to?”

Huffington Post

So the Clippers Responded… (Mashable)

Clippers players on April 27 wore their warmup T-shirts inside out in solidarity against racist remarks allegedly made by team owner Donald Sterling.

Clippers players on April 27 wore their warmup T-shirts inside out in solidarity against racist remarks allegedly made by team owner Donald Sterling.

But is that enough? I posted about this on my social media and got TONS of responses.

I Posted:

So the unified statement is let’s not have the word Clippers on our shirts, we can wear them inside out… Good job guys #sarcasm 

What do you think? Was this unification enough? (Answer is no I see ‘Clippers’ on their pants they couldn’t find red tape?)

Clippers fans be happy I’m not in LA. 


So with these responses I feel it is important to say: It’s more than just hurting Sterling its hurting all the NBA that needs to happen BC we need the other owners to say yeah we need him out he’s costing us money. The commissioner has no true power BC the owners are His boss so we need all players and all fans to boycott Clippers games in home and away games. This way the other coaches will want Sterling out and he will be fired. Y’all should look at the Instagram post I did on this, it got heated and truth was told Lol. The display that they did was weak. Those who work in the centers would boycott also. Its not just on the players its on everyone. And the players and their families are fine. Boycotting would not kill their pockets they can afford it.Its the priorities of the people… Are we really concerned more with a playoff game that has no real true value in life besides what man created, over dignity and making a potential stand against racism?
Then on Instagram
rkirtley87They are gonna play because they love the game and are trying to win something they’ve dreamed of. U don’t work year around for nothing. I’m sure they will make a statement in a different way
ashleyaviyah@rkirtley87 so that’s more important? Ugh I hate that. F the game play next year make them forfeit that whole game. Nothing more powerful than that statement, anything else is a cop out
rapheal_delaghettoIt’s definitely a two way street I would understand either way
brownbetty26That’s exactly what I have been saying they should boycott playing any games and see how much of an impact these men have. It will end up affecting Sterling’s pocket book, but knowing the players they will refuse to stop plating just so they can get that regular paycheck. It’s really sad.
jamaldoman@ashleyaviyah them not playing is not gonna hurt the Owner at all. It will only hurt the players who worked hard all season 2 attain there goal. The NBA will handle the owner. They will suspend him n eventually force him to sell the team. So let this process run its due course.
ashleyaviyah@jamaldoman oh come on it will hurt if all the players don’t play and if the fans don’t come… Its the the NBA they have play offs every year making this moment a teaching moment is more important. So the lesson to our kids is if someone offends u wait for the justice system to take its course n keep being a slave? Nah nothing ever happens unless we the people make it happen
rkirtley87No it won’t hurt his wallet at all. And especially at the end of the day the WORSE case scenario is he will be forced to sell the team and will sell it for at least $550 mil when he bought it for $12 mil. Sitting out the game is not going to hurt him especially on a road game. There are different ways to get him out and im sure they will make sure that happens once the season is over..
jamaldomanClippers coach Doc Rivers said players discussed boycotting Game 4 of their first-round playoff series during a 45-minute team meeting but quickly decided against it. “I think the biggest statement we can make as men, not as black men, as men, is to stick together and show how strong we are as a group,” Rivers said. “Not splinter. Not walk. It’s easy to protest. The protest will be in our play.”
ashleyaviyah@rkirtley87 it would make a stand is more than just hurting him it’s standing up and saying this is not OK. And even if it’s a road game make the other owner suffer too then maybe the other owner will put some pressure to make stuff happen….
barrykvsTHATS RIGHT!!! Protest that man by playing and continuing to win, driving up the value of the team and the earnings of a man who hates your race!!! (Huh…what?)
ashleyaviyah@barrykvs yessssssssss Lol
justmrwimp#NewSlave #NoPrinciples
ashleyaviyahI’m ready to protest Doc Rivers for that bs explanation and the successful brainwashing of the players who wanted to protest in that meeting
rkirtley87Not arguing that they shouldn’t play, just saying I know what it feels like being a former athlete and training 365 days a year towards one goal. I would know what and who I’m playing for and this deep into the season. Like magic Johnson said. The players should play and let them ( himself and the media) deal with this because the players don’t deserve this right now
jamaldoman@corbeaux99 that’s exactly what I was saying earlier. Let the NBA do what they r gonna do.@ashleyaviyah they lost bcuz the Warriors r a good team who play great at home.
ashleyaviyah@corbeaux99 then if they can’t recover then they should sit out. Today would have been a perfect day to do so. I guess I just want more.@lovepeachpie you don’t think they should do more though?
ashleyaviyahI will not be convinced. Its time the modern day slaves take off their shackles. I just I’m an extremist but sheesh I’d meet n the middle. They could force the NBA to act by Tuesday….. But oh well.
ashleyaviyahI know I’m an extremist*
lovepeachpieNo, if they would have done more it could have distracted too much from the game. Their there to play ball. Yes they play for a racist owner but they don’t choose to play for him. Distracting too much from the game would let the players down and the fans. Can’t let one butthole ruin the season. Plus it’s the playoffs. If they didn’t play they would be fined if they didn’t wear the uniform they would be fined. They made a stance and didn’t have to. It was brave.
corbeaux99naw the players want to play and they should not quit on their season. this is an NBA problem for letting him be an owner for so long and knowing his history
ashleyaviyah@lovepeachpie I just can’t agree that it was brave. It was the least they could of done without doing nothing…. It’s priorities… Ball should not trump dignity and not taking a potential global stand on racism all to maybe win a ring that technically means nothing. NBA play offs is not a once in a life time moment. This is a once in a life time stand that they chose not to take and proved money and ball is more valuable than anything else.
ellealove2I agree…WEAK!!! This “display of solidarity” is laughable! We are going backwards.
sirgoodwinU don’t be playing!
dbthesportsguyLol you know better what they should have done? Pretty easy for everybody to talk from their computer or phone
lovepeachpieMaybe because I watch ball I feel differently and agree with @jamaldoman @corbeaux99
karinaangladaOne thing to note is that today’s game was played at Oracle Arena, so it wasn’t on their home court. I don’t think boycotting the game would have been appropriate today as that would essentially punish the Warriors organization and fans who had nothing to do with it.
ashleyaviyah@karinaanglada good point but I think it’s important for all fans and players to make a stand when it comes to the Clippers BC it will be the other coaches and franchises that have true influence over Sterling being gone. I mean Sterling is one of the commissioners bosses so the people on his level need to be influenced.
ashleyaviyah@lovepeachpie sis I love basketball Lol I was concentrating on sorry reporting in part of my undergrad and LOVE the NBA but I love civil rights more
ashleyaviyah@dbthesportsguy Lol I don’t just talk I live this life. I’ve spent years working in civil rights with organizations and do WAY more than talk through a computer sir but I do like to voice my opinion in matters like this BC it Is important to see how others think.
ashleyaviyahSports reporting**
dbthesportsguyYou’re not directly in their position though. So to criticize them for what they do or don’t do is a bit odd. What else should they do and how would that remedy the situation?
ellealove2I just think it is sad how low our insult level as a community is. I was outraged by this man’s comments and mindset but not necessarily surprised. I feel these players had an opportunity when the stakes were high to say this mindset will NOT be tolerated in 2014. Instead they pretty much said oh well I want this ring (which in my opinion if they did win would be tainted anyway) or i’m not about to stop my money. What does it say to the masses of African Americans and minorities who encounter racism every other day? What does it say to our children? It looked like business as usual. For a price we’ll do anything. God forbid we not entertain the fans for a day, or drives up the sales of a bunch of companies we don’t own, or don’t have minorities on boards or c-suites. The NBA would look the WNBA without the contributions of African American players. Then how much money would owners really makes? Okay I’m done now.
I was sad at the responses…. 

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