Happy New Year! Ten New Laws in Illinois that came with 2014

New Illinois Laws In 2014: 10 Of The Land Of Lincoln’s Most Important Laws Taking Effect Jan. 1

1. Beginning Sunday, Illinois residents can apply online for a concealed carry permit on the Illinois State Police’s website.
2 .Medical marijuana technically arrived in Illinois on Jan. 1,
3. Drivers in Illinois will be required to use a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone if they wish to talk on the phone while driving
4. As of Jan. 1, the speed limit on rural Illinois highways has been increased from 65 to 70 mph. For now, the law leaves the majority of the Chicago area as a slow zone (boooooo)
5. Another new Illinois law going into effect means public school districts teaching sex education will now be required to teach about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases, rather than just abstinence.
6. Illinois residents younger than 18 will no longer be allowed to use indoor tanning facilities.
7. Beginning Jan. 1, any Illinois voter eligible to vote in a November general election will also be eligible to vote in the preceding primary, even if they are only 17 years old at the time of the primary
8. New pet owners in Illinois will be newly protected by a “lemon law” that allows owners to be refunded the cost of the pet or reimbursed for veterinary costs if a new pet has been purchased without disclosure of any serious illnesses.
9. Illinois lawmakers have also increased the maximum penalty for anyone caught using social media to organize a violent “flash mob” from three years to six years in prison, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.
10. Bad news, cigarette tossers: cigarette butts have now been specifically designated as litter and, under a newly strengthened penalty, anyone caught tossing one is risking a $1,500 fine.


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