Crochet Braid Hair


Took me four days and various hats to do this style.

I’m back in Crochet Braids again! I’ve had these in for 7 days. I wanted to protect my hair but also have a style that was versetile unlike french braids alone.

As usual, I washed and deep conditioned my hair in preparation for the style. I made the conrows small, and I secured them at the back of my hair with weaving thread. It took me about four days to do my hair (only because I did not have about 8 hours to sit). I braided my hair straight back except in the front for the bang and around the enges as shown in the picture.

latch_hook_crochet_needle_for_micro_braids_and_dread_maintenanceHopefully this style last two more weeks at least. The hair is rather tangled (as synthetic hair gets). The hair I used was freetress bulk finger roll and a crochet hook.


Spent about $22 total (4 packs of hair). I was starting to feel thinning at the top of my head due to over processing (i went from black hair to red to brown in about 3 months). That is one reason I am wearing this style. To help with that breakage I am using  Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizing Serum. I’ve used this before when I had a bald spot when I was 17 (guessing stress but no ida where it came from and glad it is gone now!)

I’ll also use a Q tip with peppermint oil and witch hazel on it (peppermint oil promotes growth and takes away the stinky hair smell we hate and also helps clear the pores so your scalp can breath and grow!)

Take a look at the video below to see more!


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