What Your Style of Eggs Say About You


What Your Style of Eggs Say About You by Bite.ca, is a handy little infographic/personality test. Covering almost any preparation of eggs imaginable — it will either give you a good laugh at the expense of more pretentious egg-eaters, or present some unfortunate self-realization.


But in real life …

“Scientists quizzed 1,010 adults and found that poached egg eaters are outgoing, boiled egg lovers are disorganised, fried egg fans have a high sex drive, scrambled egg aficionados are guarded and omelette eaters are self-disciplined.

Daily Mail readers were shown to prefer scrambled eggs.

The study for the British Egg Industry Council was carried out by Mindlab International, which researches the psychology of consumer choice.

It found that the average poached egg-eater is likely to be happier than most.

Boiled egg-eaters run the greatest risk of getting divorced.

Fried egg fans are usually from the skilled working class and scrambled eggs are favoured by those without children.”


from The Daily Mail:

Poached Eggs-  Means you’re outgoing and happier than most people. You wear loud clothing and prefer upbeat music.

Hard-Boiled Eggs- You’re disorganized and more likely to get divorced than the other egg eaters.

Fried Eggs- Everything about you is naughty!  You’re better informed about whoopie, you have broader experiences when it comes to the bedroom and relations, and you have a stronger sex drive.

Scrambled Eggs- You’re guarded and shy. You’re also the most likely not to have children.

Omelets- You have lots of self-discipline. You’re reliable, organized, and have a clean home. You’re also least likely to get divorced.



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