Good Food + Good FoIks = Good Fun

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 9.57.10 AMThe Good Food Festival and Conference is the leading food event in the country! It includes a Financing Conference, Trade Show, School Foodand Food Policy Summits, and a Saturday Festival that celebrates Good Food. There truly was something for everyone! 

Last week, on Impresario Radio we spoke with Jim Slama from Slama is the creator of this awesome festival, has  desire to promote environmental sustainability. His mission is to expand the distribution and production of locally grown produced food to enhance not only our consciousness, but the health of our communities. [Listen to that Show Here]

I went to the Saturday Festival with my co-host of Impresario Radio, the Downtown Diva and had a blast! The festival and conference brought together the “best of the best” in global brands like Google and Clif Bar, celebrity chefs such as Paul Virant and Rick Bayless, local  farmers from around the Midwest, game-changing businesses like Door to Door Organics, and scrumptious vegan restaurants (The Chicago Diner and B’Gabs Goodies) to further the conversation surrounding how we must transform our eating as well as thinking as it relates to power food and produce.  

Paul Virant pickling turnips!

Paul Virant pickling turnips!

I was able to go to some amazing workshops  to watch and learn about making cheese at home and also pickling from the awesome chef Paul Virant. During the festival, we talked with Jim Slama again about how fantastic the event was Saturday.



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