Sushi Samba Chicago

For my cousin’s birthday we decided to go to Sushi Samba in downtown Chicago. Sushi Samba features a very unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine & design. Originally opened in New York in 1999, Sushi Samba is located in Chicago: 504 North Wells. The menu prices range but you could go and spend about $20 per person (not including drinks) and be truly happy…. Or you can spend $50 and still be happy, just happier. The wait staff is phenomenal and catered to our every need.

Of course the night began with something safe and something adventurous! For appetizers the safe: edamame ($5) and the adventure: 

Sawagani: flash fried japanese river crabs

Sawagani flash fried japanese river crabs ($12) and by flash fried they mean the little crabs were happily living their life in captivity until the big mean cook grabbed them and threw the little crabs into the burning hot oil. I will admit because of this, the little crabs had some interesting poses. The most exciting part about this is you eat the ENTIRE little crab…. shell and all. I can’t eat the crab because I eat kosher,  however, my cousins said it taste like a crab flavored potato chip.

For the rest of the night we stayed on a tuna and salmon selection (minus my cousin’s eel roll. Starting with traditional Salmon sake, we decided to let the waiter choose the rest of our selections… I think he did good: Unagi Tamago freshwater eel, zuke tuna, cucumber, tempura flake, wasabi crema ($16)

We finished the night sharing my cousin’s FREE birthday desert: a Banana Chocolate brownie unlike any other I’d ever tasted (and I hate bananas but this was soooo good!) topped with yummy vanilla bean ice cream. Then right before we left the bartender bought us a round for a great bday ending! This drink was DELISH: Nina Fresa® Svedka vodka, muddled strawberry, orange liqueur, lime, guava.

If i was a huge drinker, this would be my drink! Nina Fresa® Svedka vodka, muddled strawberry, orange liqueur, lime, guava

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