Automotive Career Day at Cass Tech High School

Panelist talking with students from Cass Tech

“Very very hard” “God’s divine intervention”, “long difficult determined”, “broke determined and serving” these three words are what some of the panelist for the Automotive Career Day at Kass Tech used to describe their journey to success.

The pilot for Automotive Career Day at Cass Tech High School began the Global Automotive & Energy Summit  for Rainbow PUSH Coalition this year. Automotive Career Day  was geared to High School Seniors and College students in the Detroit area. The focus was on careers that may not be visible but are there and are the money makers! The career day featured over a dozen panelists working in various factions from advertising, design to public relations and finance.

Many of the members of the panel shared stories of being told they will never make it in the field however they pushed through that issue to become severely successful in their field. Panelist gave great tips to students in attendance:

Leon Richardson, President & CEO of Chemico Maley, spoke about being “the person to write the checks”.  Luck, he says is ” opportunity and preparation” and and luck is finding opportunity and not being prepared.

These Students were registered to vote during the event

Kevin Bynoe, Adverstising specialist, asked the question of “Why spend $1 million on a car or $500 on a pen?” The answer is advertising.

Brian Baker, former GM designer, detailed his path to becoming a car designer and says ” If you know how to draw, we can teach you how to design a car”

The hopes of this program is to open the eyes of young adults to paths in the Automotive industry outside of manufacturing and sales in the dealership and it did just that. For More information about the program visit the Rainbow PUSH Website


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