Chicago Bulls v The Boston Celtics without Rose

  1. With Derrick Rose out in tonight’s Celtic v Bulls match-up, due to his previous back injury, many Bulls fans were worried about the outcome.
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    is derrick rose playing tonight? cause its not the same watching the bulls play without D rose
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    What’s a Bulls game without Derrick Rose…
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    Dear Derrick Rose

    Pleaz get Better we need u

    Da Bulls

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    watching The Bulls play without Derrick Rose :l <<
  6. Celtics fans were full of hope….
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    Can Boston actually win? I mean, c’mon, they are playing the Bulls without Rose.
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    The bulls r gonna lose to the celtics without derrick rose
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    I’m not worried, chicago ain’t winning, they don’t got the heart nor stamina without D.Rose
  10. Hope that seemed may last…
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    5:54 left in the first quarter, the #Bulls trail the visiting #Celtics 14-11. Boozer, Deng, Watson all have 3 PTs each. #BOSvsCHI
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    It’s 48-43 Celtics over the Bulls at the half on ABC. Rondo has 16p 6a, while KG has 7p 6r. For Chicago: Noah 12pts 6reb, Boozer 10pts 5reb
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    Celtics make a major run (18-6) in the quarter to cut the Bulls’ lead 60-59 after 3. Boozer: 19pts 12reb, Noah: 15pts 12reb. #BOSvsCHI
  14. But then after the half
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    The Celtics are getting hammered on the boards tonight! When the Roseless Bulls shoot 31% and still win because they are killing you on the Glass! you need to get some size up front!!
  17. Although many of the fans were upset that Rose was not playing in tonight’s game, most fans were relieved that even without him, the Bulls were still able to win.
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    Loving how my Bulls playing without Derrick Rose
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    It’s pleasing to see @chicagobulls play this well on both ends of the floor without Derrick Rose.
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    The Bulls are winning without Derrick Rose, best team in the east
  21. Celtics fans however, were not so happy.
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    How are the bulls up 15 against the celtics without Derrick Rose!
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    How tf the Celtics losing to the Bulls and D Rose ain’t playing?
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    The Celtics can’t even win the Bulls without Rose..
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    Uh, how are the Celtics losing so badly to a Derrick Rose-less Bulls team?
  26. Overall for Bulls fans, tonight’s game was a success… Even without Derrick Rose.
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    Four days after falling to the Celtics in Boston, the Bulls returned the favor with a 89-80 victory in Chicago on Thursday. Carlos Boozer (23 pts. & 15 rebs.), Luol Deng (23 pts. & 10 asts.) and Joakim Noah (15 & 16) all recorded double-doubles for the Bulls, who improved to an NBA-best 25-7.
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    Monster game by Boozer, Deng, & Noah leads Bulls past the Celtics 89-80. Boozer 23pts 15reb, Deng 23pts 10ast, Noah 15pts 16reb. #BOSvsCHI

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