4 Great Places for Sports Storytelling

Online sports reporting stories have a tool unlike their legacy counterparts in other media. This tools allows people to not only be viewers but often to be participants. It also allows them to indulge in more information without losing interest of those who only want the bare facts. Here are some examples of great storytelling, each with its own unique aspect that makes it stand out from the competition.

1. ProFootballTalk

ProFootball Talk is part of NBC Sports. While ProFootball Talk deals with the hard sports news, it also– and more so focuses– deals with the lighter In the stories, the site invites viewer to read more into the stories through full interviews provided through links, player bios, and downloads of the radio show that is live weekdays at noon. This site has many aspects that cater to the rumor side of sports including a section labeled Latest News & Rumors and also a section called Police Blotter. These focus on suspensions, rumors, players issues with the law, and other “off the field” issues involving football players.

2. Mike Pereiras Page on Fox Sports

Mike Pereira is a NFL Analyst of Fox Sports. This page culminates much of his work that he does for Fox and puts it in a central location. This pages is all about multimedia. There is Mike’s Twitter Feed where you can follow his social media or talk about Mike in your in social media pages. There are videos, a headliner, articles written by Mike and a bio.

3. Yahoo Sports Investigations

On the homepage of Yahoo Sports Investigations, the main story is a Yahoo Exclusive from August involving NCAA Miami Players accepting benefits. In an investigative piece it is important to allow someone to dig deeper, if desired. Yahoo Investigations allows this to be done through an extensive list of current and former athletes & coaches at Miami. The list is broken down by sport. It includes a short bio of the person, a listing of the allegations against them and documents to support the claims.

4. NPR Coverage of the Penn State Scandal

The coverage NPR provided during the Sandusky trial has been great story telling and management. The website of NPR’s coverage of the Penn State Scandal includes a timeline and short biographies of the people involved. The biographies include short information about the person’s involvement in the Penn State Scandal: such as Jerry Sandusky, Tom Curtley, and Mike McQueary. The timeline dates back to 1970s with the establishment of The Second Mile to the current situation today. This allows for listeners of NPR to get more information about the case, if they missed something on air or if simply don’t understand the basics. The layout of this site is also very helpful, neat and aids in the information accessing aspect of the site.

Overall, these four sites do something very well: tell a simple story, in a different manner while adding more depth and interaction.



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