Loyola Should get Football…

This is written for Broadcast Radio. The sponsors are not real. Just part of the assignment…. Click to Listen: Loyola Football Dream? Commentary By Ashley Barnes

Good Afternoon its Ashley Barnes with the question of the day brought to you by Gatorade, the drink that helps the you be fueled every step of the way with Gatorade. Today’s question is about Loyola University and football…. Something that many students, faculty and alumni have wondered. With the new athletics director M. Grace Calhoun, PhD coming in could or should football be around the corner? My idea is yes! Now you have a person with experience in Tier 1 football so it wouldn’t be a hard as starting from scratch. Of course creating a football team for Loyola would mean a lot more than finding some nice willing guys, it would mean finding space and land, practice time… overall a few years of hard work! But with Loyola already being in a time of change with the reimagine campaign I think one more change would be acceptable! Football also has the potential to be a money earning sport and something to help school spirit at Loyola which some students complain is rather low… Loyola definitely has the resources to make a football dream a reality and now with ah athletic director with some Tier 1 football experience Loyola already has an advantage. Loyola already has all the answer to the question of the day, the what Football, the how with the reimagine campaign the who its new athletic director, and when NOW. Your answers to the question of the day with Ashley Barnes brought to you by Gatorade, drink it up.


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