NFL Banning Social Media?

This was written for Broadcast Radio. Click to Listen:

Barnes NFL and Social Media Commentary

Banning Social Media? That’s the talk of the N-F-L and today. Good Afternoon I’m Ashley Barnes, the question of Social Media is brought to you by blackberry keeping your office at your fingertips and social media too but maybe not for N-F-L players. Even as the labor lockout is on the brinks the NFL wants to put a restriction on players twitter and Facebook? No thank you N-F-L, Good luck with that one… Players still need to maintain a personal social identity. And even though players are seen by some as gods, they are still human. Right now social media is, in one way or another part of everyday life for many especially those in the spotlights. It helps to raise awareness and adds extra excitement for the game equaling more viewers which ultimately means more money. Even if the N-F-L said no smack talking about other players that would be limiting freedom of speech and you know some tweet fans or facebook friends only want the dirt and without that they are gone. However the N-F-L could have some rights to say no bad talking the N-F-L or other players because this is how many other employers do employees and football players are simply employees. A group of employees who soon may not be playing anyway so N-F-L handle one problem at a time, focus on the lockout before you consider other restrictions. I’m Ashley Barnes and this is The Question brought to you by Blackberry.


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