Outsource My Breakup… Really?

As Americans we have others to do everything for us: cook, clean, drive, carry our children…. And now, as if text messaging a break up was not traumatizing, there is a new website that will take care of a break up for you as well, it’s called “Outsource My Breakup”. Within three business days of your request, your mate (girlfriend as the website says, as if us women cannot use the service right?) will receive a breakup phone call from an expert. As if a stranger breaking up with you was not humiliating enough, you will receive the entire phone call via email. This has some people worried that this marks a low for American’s regard for other’s feelings. 25-year-old Angie Jackson could not believe the site existed.

“It shows how low some people will go and how unpersonal the internet can make us” Jackson Commented

This service comes with a price… But for this fee you can express your perfect feelings, through someone else whether you are feeling comedic, angry, rational or just downright cruel. It does not get better from here… The site also allows posting of old girlfriends to be exposed, replaced or to be your replacement. A cause for concern is as the rate of suicide among young adults rising with social media or internet bullying as the root, is this site really necessary or will it be simply another place for hurt feelings?

“I don’t really see why this is important enough to pay for, it could be funny, but if people really start using it what could happen and a lot of people will get hurt if it catches on.” says 20-year -old Marshay Thomson.

With ideas that this site has a lengthy terms and conditions page stating and restating that people are “solely responsible for the content or information you publish, display or otherwise communicate in any manner”. Thus if anything were to ever happen, the site is not liable.

Other argue that the site will be nothing more than a fad and could be nothing more than a joke such as previous jokes like “The Rejection Hotline” of previous years.

Visit usedgirlfriend.com for more details.


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